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After successful registration, you will receive the course documents by mail. On 71 pages you will find all the relevant topics that will be tested in the exam. Please read through all the relevant material carefully before the seminar.

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In the one-day seminar, our instructor will walk you through the 8 lessons relevant to the exam, which are divided into three major topics: UAS flight performance, meteorology, and technical and operational risk mitigation.

Right after the seminar you will get the opportunity to pass the online exam consisting of multiple choice questions.

After passing the exam, you will be provided 6 months of premium access to our DJI iOS flight apps. Set up elipses with the One Click Drone App or draw routes with the Your Flight App.


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450€ incl. VAT (e.g. 375€ + 20% VAT)

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EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2

Online course for the EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2 incl. the exam. Get the license stress-free by completing the course online and lift-off legally throughout Europe!

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EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2

all the knowledge to obtain the drone license 

450€ incl. VAT
(e.g. 375€ + 20% VAT)

5 year access

you can refresh your knowledge on the platform for 5 years

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One Click Drone App

6 weeks of free premium acces to our iOS Flight-App

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Your Flight App 

6 weeks of unrestricted premium access to the iOS App

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Self-declaration of practical flight experience

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450€ incl. VAT
(e.g. 375€ + 20% VAT)

Examination conditions

To take the online exam, you must first meet these conditions:

A valid European proof of competence (A1/A3) + a declaration of practical self-study

You need to be in possession of a valid EU proof of competence (A1/A3) and must complete a practical self-study or an appropriate course according to UAS.OPEN.040. Please refer to our country overview for more informations regarding the A1/A3 certificate here.

Verification Icon Dronesperhour
A valid proof of identity

You need to be in possession of a valid proof of identity with photo (ID card, passport or driver's licence)

Be at least 16 years old

You need to be at least 16 years old to take the exam for the A2 licence. Minors require a declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardians. The age requirement can change from one EU member state to another. Make sure to inform yourself on the current regulations in your residing country.

Acceptable internet connection

To ensure a stable transmission of photos and videos and to prevent interruptions during the examination, we recommend a stable internet connection of at least 2 MB/s (16 Mbit/s)

2 cameras (e.g. webcam and mobile phone)

To prevent cheating attempts, we are legally required to monitor your online exam from 2 different angles. For this instance, you could choose a webcam and a separate mobile phone.

Teaching content for the EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2

UAS Flight Performance




Reducing Technical and Operational Risks on the Ground


Extra Content


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