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DPH is the short form for Dronesperhour. With over 400 commercial flights, Dronesperhour GmbH is an established provider on the market.

In our operations from Sweden to the Maldives, we have already encountered a wide variety of challenges and have mastered them all so far.

In order to pass on our knowledge and get more people excited about drones, we founded DPH Drone Services UG for the DPH Drone School.

We not only want to teach you the necessary knowledge for the certificate of proficiency, but also look forward to an exciting exchange among enthusiastic professional and hobby drone pilots.


Founder & Instructor: Jasper Heyden

Before Jasper became an enthusiastic drone pilot and founder of Dronesperhour GmbH and DPH Drone Services UG, he worked in Istanbul, Berlin, Moscow, Manila and New York.

Where better to get to know each other and discuss the opportunities and possibilities of drones than by devoting a whole day to the topic of drones together. The average size of the course is 6 people.

On the one hand, the course is about reviewing the necessary knowledge for the EU A2 Remote Pilot Certificate, but there is also enough time to discuss questions and exchange tips on obtaining permits or flying in certain exceptional situations.

European Droneschool

Since November 2017, we have been one of the first organizations to be certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt). Since January 2021, we have been an LBA-designated inspection body and registered under DE.PstF.003. We are passionate about sharing our experience and strengthening the drone enthusiast community. Because last but not least, we firmly believe that drones represent a forward-looking technology that will influence all of our lives.

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