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Online course for the EU Remote Pilot Certificate (A2) incl. exam. Get your drone pilot’s license completely online! More information on the course

On top of the course, get an extension on the premium access to the Your Flight App. More information on the extension

or get the best online course for photography lovers – our Photography Course (tell me more!)

What do you get for your money?

  • EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2: All the knowledge to pass the examination
  • 5 year access: you can refresh your knowledge on the platform for 5 years
  • One Click Drone App: 6 Weeks of premium access to our iOS Flight App for DJI drones
  • Your Flight App: 6 Weeks of premium access to our iOS Flight App for DJI drones
  • Self-declaration of practical flight experience: Find our form to reduce bureaucratic effort
  • + Support: feel free to ask us any questions you might have about drones


What learning content is taught?

In this completely taught online course, you will learn the subject matter relevant to the examination in many different lessons. The three major topics covered are: Meteorology, UAS Flight Performance, and Technical and Operational Mitigation of Risks on the Ground.

Course Screenshot Gravity

With your booking you will receive access to our new online course. You will also receive our learning script as a PDF document. A second exam attempt is included in the offer price.


Course content

The following content is clearly explained with many full-HD animations and consolidated with gap texts and flashcards to get you ready for the exam.


  • Weather influences on the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • Obtaining weather forecasts

UAS Flight Performance

  • Operating range
  • Mass and balance, center of gravity 
  • Securing the payload
  • Batteries

Technical and operational mitigation of risks on the ground

  • Functions in slow flight mode
  • Estimation of the distance to humans
  • The 1:1 rule

Additional Content

  • Event Reporting
  • Risk Managment


Online examination

For the A2 exam you need to be registrated as a UAS operator and provides us with a valid A1/A3 Proof of Competency. For more informations on the registrationand the A1/A3 certificate, please visit our site here or the official website of the National Aviation Agency of your country of residency inside the EU.

Please also fill in a declaration of completion of a practical self-study according to UAS.OPEN.040 and send it to us before the examination. Furthermore, you need a stable, sufficiently fast internet connection of min. 2 MB/s and at least two cameras (e.g. webcam + cell phone camera) that can be used to monitor your exam. If these conditions are met, you can make an appointment for the online exam, in which the acquired knowledge will be tested in the form of 30 multiple choice questions.


Do you have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us: call us under +49 177 5612142 or write an E-Mail to

Receive a 6 months extension on the premium access to the One Click Drone App by purchasing this bundle.

Your Flight App

Create fantastic shots with your DJI drone using our iOS flight app for iPad

  • Draw the desired flight route on your device and the app will automatically create waypoints at strategic locations. The density of the waypoints is entirely up to you.
  • Choose your preferred settings for each waypoint (flight altitude, point of interest, photo, video, panorama, crawl shot).
  • Start the mission: the drone automatically flies your drawn route via GPS and creates the footage you desire
  • Save flown missions directly to the cloud

6 Months Extension of Premium Access

20€ + VAT

Regular price for 6 months: 149,94€

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What is our Photography Course?

We created the European Droneschool to provide people all across the EU the possibility to get the A2 Remote Pilot Certificate completely online. But we didn’t want to stop there. Online courses are a fantastic way to learn about new topics or to deepen your knowledge in a certain field.

Our 2 photographers sat down together to create the Photography Course. If beginner or aspiring photographer, this course teaches you all the basics of photography. After finishing it, you will be able to capture beautiful images of the world around you.

Photo Course Snapshot

What is the learning content?

You will learn all the basics ranging from which camera to use, how to shoot with different light settings, to capturing nature’s beauty.

The course is divided into 4 modules containing 9 to 10 video lessons each:

Module 1: Basics

Module 2: Preparing to Shoot

Module 3: Composition

Module 4: Shooting Styles

This course provides over 2 hour of video content

Can I have a preview of the course?

Absolutely. Visit our online platform here to get a free preview into the course before purchasing it.

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